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Does Anyone Else Have This Problem?

July 7, 2012 - Al Stephenson
I have a problem. Yeah, yeah I know. I have a number of them, but this one is a more recent one. In the great scheme of things, it's not that big a deal. However, it bothers me, so I'm going to get it off my chest.

When I drive my car on Miami Street I will invariably go 25 mph for some distance before I realize that I am allowed to go 10 mph faster! Usually I realize my mistake myself, but on occasion it is the guy behind me that let's me know. He either rides my bumper, honks his horn or (and this is the worst case scenario) he looks at me as though I am an old man that shouldn't be driving anymore. Yeah, the horrors!

I guess I have been so conditioned to go 25 that I automatically stop accelerating when I hit that speed. I have seen the fines in the A-T for speeding and I don't want any part of that. On the other hand, I don't want to be thought of as the old man that is afraid to drive the speed limit. Old habits are hard to break and we are creatures of habit, but I need to do something about this situation.

I have been pulled over by law enforcement twice in my life for exceeding the speed limit. I like to think I had good excuses both times and I will let you decide if I am correct or not. The first time was on Rt. 224 and I was heading for home after teaching. I had gotten a new puppy the day before and I was in a hurry to see him. The state patrolman, who I can only assume was not an animal lover, wasn't impressed with my excuse. He was however, a classmate of mine in high school and he did let me go with just a warning.

The other time I was pulled over in Tiffin by a local police officer. I was doing 46 in a 25 though it was a clear day and there was no traffic (except for the man in blue who came off a side street as I went racing by). I was late for my tee time and told him so. Apparently the man was not a golfer and a ticket was handed to me - and I must admit, rightfully so.

Those two experiences back in the 1970's convinced me that I never wanted a speeding ticket again and thus far I have avoided them. The key to avoiding speeding tickets is not to exceed the speed limit. Just thought I would pass that tip on to you.

The view from my seat suggests that I am trying hard to get to 35 mph on Miami Street. I just hope I remember to slow back down when it drops to 25 after Nelson Street. I'm guessing the nice officer won't buy this story if I try to use it!


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