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Bama Football Players Arrested

February 13, 2013 - Al Stephenson
Some shocking news came out of the University of Alabama this week. Four members of the national championship football team were arrested. OK, I can see where you might say "what's so shocking about that?" You read about college football players getting into trouble with the law all the time. True, but the shocking part, to me at least, is the circumstances.

These four players reportedly stopped a fellow student and proceeded to beat him unconscious. They then stole his backpack and used the man's credit cards to get snacks from a vending machine. Hours later the scene was repeated on another student. You may not be shocked, but I am.

The four were jailed though later released on bail. They have been suspended indefinitely from the football team.

Will they ever suit up again for the Crimson Tide? I would not be shocked if they do, but in my mind this is more than a football matter. If the allegations prove to be true, I think the University should dismiss them from school. Seriously, is this the kind of student you would want wandering around your college campus?

The view from my seat suggests that this crime is so inconceivable that a second chance is not warranted, be it at Alabama or any other educational institution. It's time to send a clear message to thugs like this. Your behavior will not be tolerated.


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Mar-01-13 9:19 AM

Jail time, no football and no college. Sorry boys, you blew it.


Feb-14-13 2:50 PM

To beat into unconsciousness and to rob fellow students who most likely were admirers of the four players recently arrested is unacceptable. Perhaps those four thugs should be dropped into the middle of the Amazon Valley and allowed to make their way out before the anacondas, crocodiles, and piranha get them.


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