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It's Been Bugging Me

March 17, 2014 - Al Stephenson
Letters to the editor rarely get my dander up, but one recently bothered me. For some reason it keeps popping into my head, so I feel obliged to share my thoughts on the matter.

It seems the writer was unhappy with the police and fire escort for state wrestling champion Seth Williams, a Columbian High School student. He felt that the city of Tiffin was wasting taxpayers dollars in providing this service.

Let me say that there are any number of instances where governments do foolishly spend our tax dollars. My personal favorite was a federal government study that spent thousands of dollars trying to find out why kids fall off of tricycles. So I am aware that wasteful spending does occur.

However, I find this letter to be petty. The cost to provide the escort from Camden Falls to TCHS could not have been very great. The policemen and firemen involved were on duty and thus being paid wherever they might have been at the time. The only cost would be for gasoline and the policemen may well have been patrolling had they not been used for the escort, so the cost in my estimation was limited to how much gas the fire truck would use.

I thought it was a nice gesture on the part of the police and fire departments. These kinds of escorts happen all the time in small towns throughout the state and this is the first time I've heard anyone complain about it.

The view from my seat would suggest that the writer find something more significant to complain about next time - for example, the above cited tricycle study.

For your information, the study found out that two reasons exist for kids falling off tricycles. Number one: they lost their balance. Number two: they ran into something!


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