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Johnny Football Does Vegas

May 30, 2014 - Al Stephenson
The Cleveland Browns latest hope to be the franchise quarterback, the one and only Johnny Manziel, spent Memorial Day weekend having some fun in Las Vegas. For many football fans this raised a red flag. That was not the case for me. Did it bother me? Yes, a little, I must admit. But a red flag? Not really. At least not anymore of one than has already been raised. The red flag ship has already sailed or this character.

I grew up with the Frank Ryan to Gary Collins 3TD performance in that 27-0 shutout. 1963 if I recall correctly - pre Super Bowl days. Since then the Browns have experienced a fair share of lackluster seasons - and that is being kind. Some of them have been horrific and that includes most of the recent ones. Browns fans thought Tim Couch was the answer. Then it was Brady Quinn, then Colt McCoy, now it's Manziel. Browns fans want so badly to win and in the NFL that means having a franchise quarterback.

Will Johnny Football be the one to finally lead the Browns to the Promised Land? If arrogance is a factor, this could be our guy. He talks a good game. Now he has to play the game. If he leads the Browns deep into the playoffs in the next few years, the Vegas trip will be forgotten. If not - well, lets just say some of the naysayers will have some sport with the frolic.

My suggestion is that the trip does not raise a red flag. It does however add another bulls eye to Manziel's back and that can't be good. The money sign on draft day put one there. The text to his quarterback coach suggesting he was ready to tear the NFL apart put another. Vegas adds one more. Every team will try to tear his limbs off his body. Nobody likes a cocky guy except his own fans and then only if he wins.

The view from my seat suggests that Johnny Manziel is not only arrogant, but naïve as well. He couldn't believe his going to Vegas between workouts was that big a deal. Well Johnny, it was. You will realize it when some linebacker has you sprawled on your back while you're holding a knee or a shoulder or a...


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