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Randy (Gathers No) Moss

November 4, 2010 - Al Stephenson
As a sports fan, I watch a lot of different games. I have seen some memorable feats and I have seen some incredibly boorish behavior by sports stars. I don't think anything has ever been done that matches the madness of the Randy Moss situation. I have read other people's thoughts on the matter and now I am going to share some of my own. If, that is, I can figure out just what I think of the whole thing!

Moss began this football season in the final year of his contract with the New England Patriots. With quarterback Tom Brady throwing the ball, Moss had become one of the most feared receivers in the NFL. Despite not hustling on every play (something he himself admitted years ago) he was a great performer for the Pats. Moss, though is now 34 years of age, and the Patriots have not been hesitant to get rid of players they consider to be over the hill. Moss wants a new contract worth big dollars next year and that sets the stage for what's happened in the last month or so.

I believe that Randy Moss wanted out of New England. If he could get traded to a contender and help them to the postseason, he might be rewarded with a new meabucks contract. The Pats obliged and found a willing suitor in the Vikings, who were desperate for a deep threat with the injury to Sidney Rice. Matching up Moss with a gallant, if not too old Bret Favre might be what the Vikes were missing. The honeymoon lasted a month.

Now Moss is a Tennessee Titan after being waived by the Vikings. After four less than stellar games with the Vikings, Moss went on a couple of rampages. One came after the Pats beat the Vikes when Moss seemed to rip the Vikings while praising Bill Belichek and the Patriot organization. The other came at a catered meal following a Viking practice, where Moss ripped the food, suggesting he wouldn't even feed it to his dog. Shortly thereafter, Brad Childress, the embattled Viking coach, cut ties with the mercurial wideout. Now the Titans are hoping that Moss will take them to the playoffs without presenting a lot of problems. Will he? Here's what I think.

Randy Moss is smart. Yes, I said smart. He knew his days with New England were numbered and he asked for and got a trade. When he realized he would not impress anyone with a nondescript season as a Viking, he acted like a jerk hoping they would send him packing. He got what he wanted again. He figured someone would pick him up and give him a chance to realize that new deal and he was right.

I think he will behave for the Titans and help them, though his numbers may not show it. He will open things up for Chris Johnson and Bo Scaife. He will lead the Titans to the playoffs and he just might get that new deal he so covets. I think he realizes that this is his last shot and accordingly he will behave and eventually blame the Vikings (Childress) for his problems.

As a fan, I just shake my head. There are two things you must realize about Randy Moss. He will not hustle all the time. He knows he doesn't have to, and he won't. The second thing is that he doesn't care what people think about him. I wouldn't have said what he said about the buffet (which you can assume was just fine) if I really felt that way. I would not have wanted to hurt anyone's feelings. Moss doesn't care about those people. He only cares about himself and if you don't like it - well, that's too bad.

The view from my seat suggests that I could not run a professional sports team. I would not have put up with Moss for as long as the Vikings did. Then again Bret (the waffler) Favre would not be my quarterback as I would have moved on long ago (see Green Bay). I would want honest, hard working players on my roster and would get rid of the ones who didn't fit that profile, no matter how talented.

Chances are I would be running a losing franchise and soon be out of a job. That's OK though. Moss may have a lot of money, but he doesn't have the one thing I think is more important than money.

It's called respect!


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