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Post Super Bowl Perceptions

February 10, 2012 - Al Stephenson
The big game is over. The commercials were so-so though my favorite was the boy who went wee in the swimming pool. His smile when his sister jumped in the water was priceless. The media did it's thing, hashing and rehashing the game as well as dwelling on the innocuous.

There were three post Super Bowl moments that caught my attention and that is where I will devote my thoughts. Let me start by saying that I just don't understand some people.

The New York Giants fans that taunted Gisele Bundchen (aka Mrs. Tom Brady) after the game make me shake my head. They jeered her, suggesting that the Giants owned her husband. She in turn fired back at them in an attempt to defend her husband, stating that he can't throw the ball and catch it too. The whole scenario was just weird.

First let me suggest that if I ran into Gisele after the game I would have stared (she is a supermodel afterall) and attempted to get a picture of her or better yet, both of us. Football would have been far from my mind. For her part I think she would have been better served to stay quiet. Let the fans savor the moment. Just smile and move on. You can't win a shouting match with people who are willing to verbally accost you. They were likely alcohol-fueled, stupid - or both. Let it go.

The pictures of a post-game party where Rob Gronkowski, the Pats tight end, was dancing as though he had just won the game were somewhat disturbing. I don't know what the loser of the game is supposed to do, but dancing as if celebrating a win is not particularly in good taste. The reaction to his antics were humorous however, as some thought his behavior was outrageous while others thought his actions were just that - HIS. Put me down as not really caring one way or the other.

The most perplexing development came from a Boston writer. Eric Wilbur suggested that Tom Brady's performance was hideous and embarrassing. Exactly what game Mr. Wilber was watching is beyond me. I thought Brady played well for the most part. What Wilber was hinting at is a pet peeve of mine.

When an athletic contest is played in this country, one team wins and the other loses. We must find the reason why the losing team did not come out on top, so we comb through our memory banks where we find the safety (Brady opening the game with an intentional grounding call in the end zone) or the Wes Welker dropped pass (Wilber believes the pass was a poor one - %^&* Brady!) and slap the blame on a culprit. It's what we do each and every game. Sometimes we need to lean back and say - "wow what a great game, too bad someone had to lose."

The view from my seat suggests that the best thing about this year's Super Bowl is the fact that we have a full year until the next one. There will be more sporting events though, and that means one thing. Someone will lose and many will want to know why.


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