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Don’t underestimate what brown can do for you in the garden

June 15, 2012 A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about white in the garden. Now, I am following up with a rather different color — brown. more »»

Good tools critical to garden care

June 8, 2012 While considering a few topics for future columns, I received a question from a reader on the subject of garden tools, and so here is your answer, Penny, buried in a lot more words. more »»

Proposal would encourage bringing jobs home

June 5, 2012 Like you, too often I’ve opened the newspaper only to learn jobs in our state — whether in Mansfield, Lorain, or Springfield — are being outsourced to places such as China, Indonesia or Mexico. more »»

Roses work well as herb, and here’s how

June 1, 2012 The rose is Herb of the Year for 2012? At first, this seemed somewhat strange, but upon reflection, the rose is a perfect fit with the definition of herbs. more »»

Come along, gardeners have been expecting you

May 11, 2012 It finally feels like planting weather outside these days. After that warm March and cold April, let’s hope we are back on track for the growing season. more »»

500 channels, and not much on for the gardener

May 4, 2012 I have spent a lot of time this past week sitting in front of the television set, and squinting at the small print in the TV section of the paper, looking for garden programs. more »»

A walk through the garden shows some good progress

April 20, 2012 This is one of my lazy columns. No research, no checking facts, just a walk around my garden to catch up with all that is going on. more »»

Act seeks to combat identity theft, tax fraud

April 17, 2012 Identity theft and tax fraud victims — such as Michael Bucalo, whom I recently met in Cleveland — know “there are people out there [who] are so slick; they can steal your shoes while you are running. more »»

Here’s some general direction for planting the garden

April 6, 2012 I have been rather specific about varieties of flowers and vegetables to grow in recent columns, so this one will back up a bit and be more general about just what to grow in the vegetable garden. more »»

Magnolia stellata, how we adore thee

March 30, 2012 I had only to glance out of the window to find the topic for today’s colum. more »»

Veteran gardener ready to deflate flimsy excuses

March 23, 2012 At this wonderful time of the year, it seems incredible there are people who do not have, indeed do not want, a garden. It doesn’t have to be large or time-consumin. more »»

Incorporating white into your garden adds much beauty

March 16, 2012 Long ago and far away, or less poetically but more accurately, in 1950 in Sissinghurst, England, Vita Sackville-West planted her White Garden. more »»

Career move leads to rebirth as Sunday editor

March 12, 2012 Those who know me are aware I’m a sci-fi fan. more »»

Clean-up starts early, still a pain

March 9, 2012 The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the wind had dropped, and the ground was covered with messy sticks, stones, straw, leaves and assorted debris. more »»

A lot of magic is begun with just one simple seed

March 2, 2012 I always see a garden as a magical place, and the most enchantment is contained in seeds. more »»

Latchkey program under development in Tiffin

March 1, 2012 Tight budgets are affecting all of us, whether it is on a personal level or community-wide. Our local public school system is not exempt from having to make hard decisions based upon finances. more »»

A pitch for block planting

February 24, 2012 It is not too early to start planning your vegetable garden for the coming season. I already have suggested some seed choices, and this column will address the form and shaping of the garden. more »»

Israeli military chasing Arabs from main street

February 22, 2012 Promising to “work my tail off for their sakes” I return to the computer with a recent Palestinian story which urged me to write to you and to my congressmen. more »»

Alphabetical musings end

February 17, 2012 An important change took place in northern Ohio in mid-January, and there were no fireworks or parades. In fact, most of us did not know it had happened until weeks later. The U.S. more »»

Maintaining water, sewer systems is a jobs issue

February 16, 2012 Many people don’t associate water and sewer systems with job creation. In fact, most Americans might not think about their water and sewer systems much beyond paying utility bill. more »»



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