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Stop revolving door in criminal justice system

June 18, 2015 There are a record number of people behind bars today and about 95 percent of them will one day be released. more »»

Summer program offers nutritious meals for kids

June 17, 2015 For most Ohio children, the school year has ended and summer has begun. Summer ought to be a time for our kids to enjoy playing outside, reading for pleasure and spending time with family. more »»

Export-Import Bank assists Ohio businesses

June 9, 2015 Davenport Aviation is a small business in Columbus — an aircraft parts distributor that exports its products to Africa and South Americ. more »»

TPP trade deal won’t help Ohio manufacturers

June 6, 2015 President Barack Obama has spent the past six years negotiating a Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal behind closed door. more »»

Trade deals mean counting gains against losses

June 4, 2015 Folks in Washington like to make big promises when it comes to our trade deals. But for too long, we’ve seen nothing but bad results. more »»

Community colleges offer solution to rising tuition costs

June 4, 2015 Earlier this year, President Barack Obama introduced a plan “to make community college as free and universal as high schoo. more »»

Decline in startups slows growth

June 3, 2015 As past issues of this column and other studies suggest, new businesses are the most important source of new jobs in the U.S. economy. more »»

Stand with Ohio veterans and military families

May 24, 2015 Few duties are more important than honoring Ohio’s veterans. more »»

Stop competitors from cheating US workers

May 20, 2015 With more than 25 percent of factory jobs in Ohio relying on international customers, it is absolutely vital to grow the number of exports in order to protect Ohio workers and create new good-paying... more »»

The House budget sets the tone for the future of Ohio

May 16, 2015 Every two years, the state of Ohio constitutionally is required to pass a balanced budget to fund government projects and programs, as well as our schools. more »»

It’s past time to allow the Export-Import Bank to expire

May 16, 2015 American families are fed up with Washington. And they have every right to be. They see their tax dollars being given to able-bodied people who can work, but won’t. more »»

Address three pieces of downtown plan at once

May 12, 2015 It is encouraging to hear our government partners in downtown development, the city and the county, commit to working together on a group of important projects. I take them at their word. more »»

Master Gardeners’ plant sale May 16-17

May 9, 2015 This is my annual “commercial” advertising the events provided for the public by the Master Gardeners of Seneca County. more »»

Act would guarantee paid sick, family leave

May 7, 2015 Each day, workers across the country face impossible dilemmas. more »»

Indiana raises questions about rights, obligations of entrepreneurs

May 6, 2015 The recent controversy surrounding the passing of Indiana’s Religious Freedom Act has raised questions about the right of business owners to practice their religion and how this right might conflict... more »»

Protect Ohio jobs from unfair trade agreements

April 28, 2015 At forums I’ve had across our state, Ohioans have made clear their opinions on unfair foreign trade deals. more »»

Community Emergency Response Team seeks volunteers

April 24, 2015 With the various weather conditions in this area, are you and your family prepared for any disasters that might come your way? Are you prepared to help your family and your neighbors in the event of... more »»

Tax credit helps Ohio families afford college

April 23, 2015 College costs are sky-high and climbing. Right now, many families across Ohio are waiting on their financial aid package. more »»

Strengthening the FOIA important to citizens

April 16, 2015 President Barack Obama routinely has promised greater transparency within the federal government. Now, Congress is making strides toward achieving this critical goa. more »»

Contact the senator for help, or stop for coffee

April 15, 2015 During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln would meet regularly in the White House with ordinary Americans, even during the darkest days of the war. He called these meetings his “public opinion baths. more »»



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