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Tomato crops present bundle of challenges

August 26, 2011 This has not been the best year for tomatoes. more »»

When bugs attack, she’s got jobs to do

August 19, 2011 I am under attack! Whether you refer to them correctly as insects, arachnids or molluscs, or generically as bugs, without any doubt, they are after me. more »»

Take a chance on shallots and other ‘unusual’ veggies

August 12, 2011 This is is the second column on unusual vegetables. Last week, I wrote about some I had grow. more »»

Some lessons gleaned from living with the Palestinians

August 8, 2011 How strangely I’m ending my time in Palestine. Having lived three years in Hebron, Palestine, I find that I’m surprised but finally keen to what it really means to be a citizen of the United States. more »»

Some things we all can do to mitigate flooding

August 1, 2011 The following is the latest installment of Mayor Jim Boroff's monthly updates on city issues. Flooding. The administration’s No. more »»

Retailers’ future depends on continuing wireless revolution

July 31, 2011 To survive and prosper, the owner of a retail business has to be ready for the next innovation — the latest fashion, food or newest technology — or customers are sure to shop elsewher. more »»

Gardening choices sometimes are made for us

July 29, 2011 Keeping up with a garden is an ever-changing experience, never static and never boring. more »»

Treasurer’s office tightens belt through top-bottom review

July 25, 2011 As state treasurer, I talk to Ohioans every day about the issues facing local families, farms and businesse. more »»

Which proposal do you favor for using lodging tax revenues to market Seneca County?

July 25, 2011 Due to a problem with the system that manages the online poll, the first three days’ worth of replies — which included the Convention and Visitors Bureau's proposal; the Tiffin Area Chamber of... more »»

She’s got the beet, turnip style

July 22, 2011 At planting time this spring, I devoted one plot in the vegetable garden to root vegetable. more »»

Did you think they’d crumble? Did you think they’d lay down and die? Oh no, not these plants; they will survive

July 15, 2011 After just about any disaster — earthquake, tornado, hurricane, volcanic eruption, flood, explosion and on and on — there are survivors. more »»

Flurry of building, improvement work continues

July 6, 2011 The following is the latest installment of Mayor Jim Boroff's monthly updates on city issues. Capital projects. more »»

Federal help needed to protect the firefighters who protect us

July 5, 2011 House fires don’t happen every day, but when they do, everyone wants to have a good insurance policy and well-trained, well-equipped firefighters who can keep their families safe. more »»

Our gardener’s armed to the teeth with T’s this week

July 1, 2011 This column is a collection of topics beginning with T, and the first is tiles. more »»

Word on the Street

June 27, 2011 Online results Non-fiction books: 24 percent Fiction books: 42 percent Poetry: 1 percent Textbooks: 6 percent Magazines: 25 percent Graphic novels: 1 percent ... more »»

Tour of garden shows crowded but healthy lot

June 24, 2011 A walk around my garden does not take very long. The only spaces I have for flowers are strips on each side of the house and garage. more »»

Better uses exist for video gambling revenues

June 23, 2011 A word of advice to Ohio Gov. John Kasich from a state that has been there, done that: Don’t let the horse racers rip your state off. Be glad you don’t have to worry about the greyhound breeders. more »»

You have to have principles

June 22, 2011 During the prosperity of the ’40s and ’50s, there emerged a phenomenon known as “keeping up with the Joneses,” defined by some as “spending money you don’t have for things you don’t need to impress... more »»

The word on the street

June 20, 2011 Online results Taking a “staycation’ at home: 16 percent Visiting places in northwest Ohio: 5 percent Visiting places in Ohio: 15 percent Going to an amusement park: 4 percent Traveling out of state... more »»

Encouraging Ohio’s graduates to get involved

June 19, 2011 It’s June, and that means high school graduates are celebrating across Ohio. more »»



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