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Gov’t leaders should end spin-control culture

March 16, 2014 When the Valley Journals of Riverton, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, wanted to know the time of the town’s 2012 Easter egg hunt, they couldn’t find out. more »»

Be careful what you wish for in Washington

March 12, 2014 Members of all three branches of the U.S. government historically have been frustrated at times by the checks and balances built into our system of government. more »»

I do take privacy personally

March 11, 2014 While we were discussing one of the problems we at the newspaper sometimes have in obtaining public records, another journalist advised me, “Don’t take it personally. more »»

Presidential budget plan is opportunity to lead

March 11, 2014 A presidential budget is many things. It is a chance for the president to declare his priorities, to highlight his initiatives, and to offer reforms of how our government does business. more »»

Palestinian children deserve future, not danger

March 7, 2014 I often think of the children of Palestine — the West Bank and Gaza — as I now teach two classes of children each week in the Tiffin schools. more »»

Stop currency manipulation from stealing jobs

March 5, 2014 We all know Ohio workers and Ohio manufacturers can compete with anyone. But when a country purposefully manipulates its currency so its exports are cheaper, that’s not competing — that’s cheating. more »»

Let’s honor Ohio’s African-American leaders

February 26, 2014 February is Black History Month and a time to pay tribute to the many contributions of African Americans throughout our nation’s history. more »»

Bill would raise min. wage for tipped workers

February 19, 2014 Last week, on Feb. 13 (2/13), I introduced a resolution declaring the date as $2.13 Day. That’s because two dollars and 13 cents is also the minimum wage for tipped workers. Two dollars and 13 cent. more »»

A look back at TPD’s initial citizens academy

February 15, 2014 In a couple of weeks, a new group of citizens will start its journey through Tiffin Police Department’s citizens academy. more »»

Cheer for return of American manufacturing

February 13, 2014 At the 2012 Summer Olympic opening ceremony, Team USA took the stage wearing foreign-made red, white and blue uniforms. more »»

All parents should educate their own children

February 11, 2014 Every child ought to be home schooled. Too many parents rely on schools, public and private, to educate their children. more »»

Gardeners, pressed for space, might want to go vertical

January 17, 2014 Every new year seems to bring a new fad for the gardener (remember upside-down tomatoes?), and the outstanding one for 2014 is vertical gardening. more »»

Gardener finds fresh optimism with new year

January 10, 2014 It’s time again to get out the new calendar, to remember to write 2014 on checks and to list a few resolutions for the New Year. If I do this publicly, I am more likely to see it happen. more »»

Tiffin was a ghost town

January 8, 2014 I thought I was in Antarctica or in Northern Alaska in the middle of winter. I’ve never been to either. I imagine people there talk about the kind of weather we’re having in Tiffin all the time. more »»

Resolutions create great opportunity for health care industry

January 8, 2014 The New Year brings on new resolutions for many. For those of us who overindulged in the holidays one of those changes is often to take better care of ourselves. more »»

County park district putting together strategic plan

January 3, 2014 Seneca County Park District is entering the home stretch of completing a strategic plan that will guide the district into the future. more »»

Be creative with post-Christmas decorating

January 3, 2014 With the holiday decorations coming down at this time, the house may look a little bare. It is time to think about rearrangement of the indoor plants. My watchword at this time is “group. more »»

Top local stories ones of tragedy, community

December 31, 2013 2013 was a year of heartbreak and hope in Seneca County. My reflections about the top 10 news stories of the year, as selected by the staff of The Advertiser-Tribune, follow. more »»

Our policies on reporting suicides and rumors

December 28, 2013 For the benefit of readers who don’t use our Internet offerings, I will expound and expand upon a blog I posted Monday. Please bear with me as I explain a couple of our newsroom policies. more »»

Gardener recounts some of her mistakes from past year

December 27, 2013 It is time for the column a number of people have told me is their favorite of the year: a list of the worst mistakes I have made latel. more »»



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