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Senate should let common sense prevail

July 1, 2014 Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, is proving that sometimes, common sense can prevail in Washington. In the process, he is doing a service for victims of severe burns. more »»

Exercise caution on these humid, hot days

June 30, 2014 You don’t need to look at the calendar to know summer is here. The thermometer will reach nearly 90 degrees again today, with high humidit. more »»

Spending more and cutting service

June 29, 2014 Try getting an answer to your questions about government retirement benefits by calling your local Social Security office. Let’s hope you have plenty of time to wait ... and wait ... and wait. more »»

Firefighters plan kids’ Safety Day

June 28, 2014 We tip our cap this week to the Seneca County Firemen’s Association for planning its annual Safety Day for 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Sunday in the parking lot at Walmar. more »»

Time for answers about IRS debacle

June 27, 2014 The time is long past for the appointment of a special prosecutor to see what kind of fire is burning beneath the smokescreen of excuses and buck-passing that is the IRS response to the very seriou... more »»

Economy moving in right direction

June 26, 2014 Seneca County received good news this week on the economic front, at least as far as jobless statistics are concerned. The unemployment rate dropped from 4.9 percent in April to 4. more »»

Stance toughens on human trafficking

June 25, 2014 Half a battle in the war against human trafficking — which too often involves children forced into prostitution — was won last week when Gov. more »»

So secure, even a child can breech it

June 22, 2014 So easy, a child could do it. The phrase is used to describe everything from assembling toys to programming remote controls. And now, for sneaking across the border from Mexico into the United States. more »»

With debt forgiven, way clear for move

June 21, 2014 This week, we give a tip of the cap to the Ohio Legislature and Gov. John Kasich for removing a major obstacle to the consolidation of Bettsville and Old fort school districts. more »»

Voluntary cut in salt good start

June 20, 2014 The FDA’s attempt to rein in sodium consumption by saying voluntary guidelines will be coming for the food industry is a welcome one. more »»

Dump the Pump in our area? It’s still possible

June 19, 2014 Today is the ninth annual Dump the Pump Day. more »»

Good news and an alert for riders

June 18, 2014 A newspaper analysis of accident statistics offers good news — and an alert — for motorcyclists. more »»

Perhaps the issue is voter apathy

June 17, 2014 Maybe we’re barking up the wrong tree. more »»

Another subject Hillary doesn’t understand

June 16, 2014 Hillary Clinton whined to an interviewer last week that when she and former President Bill Clinton left the White House in 2001, they were “dead broke. more »»

Flag Day: Help the US frontiersman spell ‘liberty’

June 14, 2014 My name is John Hosbrook, and I died 216 years ago. I was a Revolutionary War soldier and a frontiersman — but I’ll tell you my story later. I first want you to help me spell out “liberty. more »»

Vaccines illustrate their worth

June 13, 2014 At one time, many children came down with the measles and mumps — and a substantial number suffered lasting physical damage from complications. Some die. more »»

US loses leverage with space cutbacks

June 11, 2014 At one time, Americans would have been able to laugh off a thinly veiled threat last week by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. No more, thanks to President Barack Obama. more »»

VA buck shouldn’t stop with Shinseki

June 8, 2014 At Veterans Affairs medical centers throughout the country, lying, cheating bureaucrats are hoping the buck stops with former VA?Secretary Eric Shinseki. It should not. more »»

Memorial a necessary reminder

June 7, 2014 Her mother tried in vain to cover her eyes so she could not see what was happening, Sofiya Karpovich remembers. But she saw, and she cannot forget. more »»

D-Day heroes saluted

June 6, 2014 Many Americans probably never have heard of Guadalcanal, the Kasserine Pass, Anzio, the Hurtgen Forest, Peleliu, the Coral Sea, Tarawa or Ploesti. more »»



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