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‘Fast tractor’ speeds into effect this week

October 15, 2007
By Vicki Johnson,
Ohio’s new “fast tractor” law goes into effect Thursday. The law allows farm machinery to be driven at speeds faster than 25 mph as long as they display a speed identification symbol.

The law, passed last spring, is designed to accommodate farmers who drive newer tractors capable of traveling faster than 25 mph. The traditional orange, triangular slow-moving vehicle sign can be used only by vehicles going 25 mph or slower.

People who drive tractors faster than 25 mph must display an SMV sign and an SIS symbol displaying maximum speed. They must have an Ohio driver license or commercial driver license. No license is necessary to operate tractors driven at speeds slower than 25 mph.

According the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, a farmer started a campaign about the issue after an accident involving one of his tractors and a semi convinced him that tractors should move faster on the road.

OFBF backed the bill because leaders said it improves production efficiency.

Fast tractors travel up to 45 mph, have disc brakes and feature an anti-lock braking system. Operators must adhere to the same “reasonable control” statute already in place for motor vehicles.

A limited number of the new SIS symbols are available at the Seneca County Farm Bureau office on the Seneca County Fairgrounds. Cost per decal is $5 for members. Decals are mounted to metal plates attached to brackets, which are $10 each for members. The cost is more for non-members. For more information, call (419) 447-3091 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.



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