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Dave McQuistion, come on down!

December 20, 2007
By MaryAnn Kromer,
Dave McQuistion of Tiffin usually spends his days delivering baked goods to stores in the area, but last week, he was interviewed on the radio and appeared on the popular television game show, “The Price is Right.”

“I work for Nickels Bakery … 10- or 12-hour days. I drive from Fremont to Tiffin, McCutchenville, Sycamore and Benton,” Dave said.

Beyond the thrill of participating, McQuistion actually won a game table and a camper. The game table arrived last week. He and his wife Lois have assembled it for its new home in their three-season room.

“From the day the show aired, they have 90 days to deliver the stuff I won. I do have the poker table but I’m waiting on the camper. It’s a 16-foot camper RV,” Dave said.

The couple explained how they were able to take part in the show. They said their vacations usually include visits with family members scattered around the country. The trip to California was planned to spend a week with their nephew and his wife, Phillip and Erin Gagen.

“We were out there just to visit my nephew. He’s in the Navy … It was his wife’s idea, getting on the show,” Dave said.

Erin had obtained tickets for three days. Dave and Lois used the tickets for Oct. 10. Upon reporting to the studio, visitors had to walk through a metal detector and turn over their phones and cameras. Once everyone received a name tag, show personnel split up the crowd for group interviews with about a dozen people. Dave said he didn’t realize they would be there most of the day among an estimated 320 audience members.

“We got there at 8:30 or 9 o’clock in the morning and the show never taped until 1 o’clock in the afternoon. It was probably 3 or 3:30 in the afternoon before we were done,” he said.

The audience was introduced to the new host, Drew Carey, who had taped about 30 shows. None of the shows with the new host had been broadcast at that time. The McQusitions learned that two shows are taped each day. The program they were part of was broadcast Dec. 12.

“You can go online and watch it,” Lois said. “It shows 15 minutes, and that’s the first half hour, because there’s no commercials. The second part only took nine minutes,” Lois said.

The next day, Erin and Phillip went to a taping while Uncle Dave and Aunt Lois watched the Gagens’ two young sons, Lucas and Carson. Phillip was called to the podium but did not win a prize. Their taping is not due for broadcast until January.

Dave said he had viewed the show on television many times but had no idea about what goes on behind the scenes. He said he was surprised at the number of cameras and crew members and the small size of the studio.

“When you’re in the studio, you wonder, ‘How do they cram all this equipment into this little room? When you see it on TV, the place just seems so big, but it’s not as big as you think it is,” Dave said.

The taping began with another surprise. Dave was the first person called to the podium. He said he turned to Lois, who told him “You’re the only Dave McQuistion in the studio.”

He did not win the first item up for bids, but later, he gave the best price for the poker table. That enabled him to go on stage with Carey. Dave played the High/Low game and won a recreational vehicle.

Fans of the show are familiar with the huge wheel that winners must spin to qualify for the Showcase Showdown in which contestants bid on a package of big ticket prizes. Every contestant gets two spins in which they must spin a total of no more than 100. Dave said the woman before him landed on $1 her first try. He was not able to match that, so he was eliminated. He said just being part of the show was a thrill.

“When we got in there, I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d get called.

“I just went because my wife wanted to go and my nephew’s wife got the tickets. We just went down there to say we went to a taping of the show,” he said.

When the taping ended, the winners had to sign papers and pay taxes on their winnings. Dave said the show representatives notify suppliers near the winners homes to deliver the prizes. He did not have to worry about shipping them back to Ohio himself.

When “The Price is Right” aired Dec. 12, the McQuistions were in Cincinnati using a vacation day to visit their daughter Kristen and celebrate her birthday. They went to a restaurant for lunch and watched the show on a big-screen television.

“This is my five minutes of fame,” Dave said. “It was different, and it was fun.”

To view the McQuistions’ episode of “The Price is Right,” go online to

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Dave and Lois McQuistion try out the game table Dave won during a taping of 'The Price is Right.'



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