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Abortion is murder

September 26, 2012
The Advertiser-Tribune

Why do we call it pro-choice? If you are not pro-life, you are pro-choice. It should be called pro-death. Death is the opposite of life. Society tries to sugarcoat everything. We try to make everything sound good or at least justified in our minds. We try to be politically correct. We do not want to offend anyone. What about the millions of aborted babies? Are they not offended that they are being murdered? What about God, who created and formed all of those babies in their mother's womb? Is he not offended that we are killing his children? We are deliberately breaking his commandment; thou shall not kill. I am offended living in a society that says it is OK to kill innocent life. We tiptoe around common sense. Abortion is murder! You can be pro-life and still have choices. You can choose to keep and raise you child yourself or you can choose to have someone else do it for you (adoption).



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