The Advertiser-Tribune to the Editoren-usSun, 25 Jan 2015 15:25:11 EDTSun, 25 Jan 2015 15:25:11 EDT pride? wife and I are residents of the city of Tiffin, and I write to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the lack of care and attention the city and county give to the care and maintenance of the "Historic Downtown Business District.Thu, 22 Jan 2015 00:00:00 EDTHuman life is sacred again, Jan. 22, we commemorate with sorrow the court decision of Roe vs Wade, the legalization of abortion in the United States 42 years ago. Our country has lost more than 56 million unborn babies to the tragedy of abortion.Thu, 22 Jan 2015 00:00:00 EDTMedia bias? you for The Advertiser-Tribune photo and coverage of the Sunday March for Life march from St. Francis to St. Joseph's cemetery. The photo headline reads, "anti-abortion marchers.Thu, 22 Jan 2015 00:00:00 EDTLife is a gift from God had the privilege of being among the 100-plus people who participated in Tiffin's March for Life Sunday. The chapel at St. Francis Home was filled to overflowing for prayers before the March.Thu, 22 Jan 2015 00:00:00 EDTStop wasting tax money Tiffin City Board of Education members will be voting to spend taxpayers' money (approximately $545,000) to renovate Lincoln Elementary for a special-needs preschool Tuesday.Thu, 22 Jan 2015 00:00:00 EDT